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All Solar Electric service crews are located locally so that any problem you may have can be resolved in a timely manner. We want you to have confidence in our solar panel system. Our service teams are conveniently located near major cities so that we can address any problem that may arise in a timely manner.

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    Finance Options
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    Monitor Your Solar
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    Battery Storage
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    Warranty Options
Solar Financing Options

We offer many different financing options for your specific needs. We work with you to figure out the best plan for you. More...

  • Purchase out-of-pocket to gain government incentives
  • Lease and pay monthly, no out of pocket cost
  • Battery backup is sold or lease separately
24/7 Solar Monitoring

Watch your savings increase as you monitor your energy consumption 24/7 using a computer, tablet or mobile device.

  • Check energy produced daily
  • Review monthly energy savings
  • Monitor current weather conditions
  • Recieve daily system preformance updates
  • Track power produced per year
Home Battery Backup

Connecting a battery storage to your system allows you to become more energy independent.

  • Power your home at night
  • Big savings on your energy bill
  • Stay powered on throughout blackouts
  • Avoid high costs during peak energy hours
  • Store energy produced during the day
Maintenance Plan

We have so much confidence in our services that each installation comes with a 20-year solar panel preformance warranty. Our crews are located near major cities and are ready to resolve any problem you may have in a timely manner.

  • 20 Year Performance Warranty on our solar panels
  • 10 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Powerwall battery storage
  • 20 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Solar inverter
  • 10 Year Warranty on Roof mounting and leaks
  • Extended warranty can be purchased at anytime while leasing

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