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About Us

We are a Miami based solar provider that designs, installs, and maintains solar panels on residential and commercial properties. We help homeowners and businesses generate and store their own electricity while reducing the cost of their electric bills. Our team takes pride in the work that we do for our customers.

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Solar Financing Options

Paying for your solar panels outright allows you to receive immediate benefits from solar tax credits, rebates and lower utility bills. The most cost-effective way to save money on energy bills is to simply pay for solar installation yourself.

If an out-of-pocket purchase is not feasible, you may be eligible for loan financing. A solar loan is a financing option that is used toward the purchase of a solar energy system for your home or business. This allows you to avoid the steep payments upfront while also giving you immediate ownership of your system and you are still entitled to benefits including tax credits and rebates. Similar to a regular loan, it is paid off in monthly payments with interest.

Production Guaranteed

When buying solar panels, you are eligible to receive all tax credits and state incentives. Your long-term savings are much greater if you own your system, especially since your system will pay for itself in 3-7 years.

When leasing your solar panels, the leasing company pays all the costs of installation. They will also receive all solar incentives and rebates. If you need to move, the buyer must agree to take the lease over for you.

Buying vs Leasing Solar Panels

Buying solar panels out-of-pocket requires a full investment making it initially more expensive than leasing but over the long term, the benefits of owning your own system is hard to beat!

People who lease their solar panels save far less than those who buy them out-of-pocket or with a loan. They may also miss out on deferral tax benefits and any local incentives, which would instead be given to the leasing company.

We guarantee your solar panels will produce a projected amount of energy per year. If performance declines, we will replace your solar panels for optimal performance.

24/7 Solar Monitoring

Owners can track their energy production, monitor their system's health, and share their data real-time. Once your solar panels are installed, your online solar monitoring system will allow you to stay updated while also allowing you to keep track of your energy consumption at a moment's notice.